Welcome to the English county of Cumbria!
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Please give Horsepie's website a visit! He worked very hard to produce the flag and background image which you can see currently on the website. Thank you Horsepie!

Cumbria. My home county. I sure do love that place! Did you know 99% of the people on this planet will never get to visit Cumbria in their life time. So naturally, I thought: 'what a shame! How can we fix this troubling dilema?'And then it came to me. What if there was a place where anybody from anywhere could visit the lovely county of Cumbria from the convenience of their own homes, and that is the moment when I thought of Neocities. So, I hereby present to you the official Cumbria Neocities site. Using this website you will be able to tour Cumbria from the comfort of your own abode as if you were actually there! You will be able to visit the tallest mountain in England and the deepest lake in England. You will also be able to visit the historical towns of Workington and Whitehaven.Adventures await you!


Displayed below is a map of Cumbria.